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        LanJi strengthening ego supervision, improving the dressing equipment quality

        For companies to keep their supervision, perfect production, research and development, sales and after-sale mechanism, improve product and service quality.
        In recent years, mineral processing equipment for the fierce competition, henan LanJi machinery (http://www.hnljzg.com) to 2011 years of mineral processing equipment the developing trend of the following analysis;

        First, enlarged equipment trend. Mainly for ball mill speaking, the country has already clear policy to the end of 3.5 m termination in the diameter of the small ball mill production. This will inevitably lead to the manufacturers in order to strive for the development and survival, and have developed the technology more difficult new and large mill.

        Second, green energy saving trend. Since the early after the Copenhagen conference, the leaders at the summit has proposed commitment. There are now have the insider unveiled countries will take measures to excessive power consumption of crushing equipment manufacturing industry to take a more demanding environment protection control. So, the use of advanced technology of green crusher energy-saving products of application will provide better to choose factory chances of survival.

        Third, equipment intelligent trend. Because the more scientific research institutions new thinking and the successful development of the new method, and all kinds of intelligent control theory in other industries of successful application, with the more advanced intelligent processing equipment has set up a file in the dryer machine factory price of chicken laboratory test. Believe in the near future, the new intelligent product will fill the mineral processing equipment of market.

        Fourth, production flow trend. Because of modern processing from nearly 40 years of experience in, each big equipment manufacturers have begun to consider custom expert system, the whole production process for crusher different geographical environment customize the most reasonable solution. Fifth, welding semi-automatic trend. The technology mainly in mineral processing equipment of high corrosive materials contact machine. Using the welding can reduce the application of oxygen, since it is a new type of welding agent, can make the equipment of durability by 50 to 75.

        Sixth, control simplistic trend. In recent years, all kinds of equipment for the convenience of vendors to quickly applied to production line, has gradually in integrated a key type control, even if manufacturers at that time have no a professional machine control personnel, can also through the simple control to achieve production. This is an expert on technology of enrichment.

        Seventh, technology localization trend. With the improvement of domestic scientific research level and, more recently, the mineral processing equipment of patent application for more attention to support its obvious of scientific research. So, this will also give too much incentive research workers in our country and catch up with the advanced world level processing equipment to make the contribution.

        Eighth, manufacturing orders trend. Because of the past equipment model, dressing equipment performance more fixed, enterprise often have certain stock. At the present stage of the specific customer needs combined increasingly refinement, led directly to the enterprise manufacturing to pursue zero inventory in the theory of the nominal and try hard.

        The ninth, equipment appearance the beautification trend. In reference to other advanced technology of the country the dryer equipment manufacturing sand casting technology form, the mineral processing equipment shape design will gradually close to Europe and America. New shape design often can make our customers more choice and try to hope for a long time, it seems, is beneficial to the development of the whole processing equipment field.

        The first ten, equipment integration trend. Because the modern dressing to counterattack crusher product orders and the requirements of grade product number increasingly harsh. So, in the choice of equipment manufacturer, the more willing to choose complete production line, because each production line equipment are in other equipment to do the optimization, can effectively improve the production efficiency and control of convenience.

        Enterprises to continuously supervision and their own, with the lowest price, the best service, the best quality equipment catch the user's eye, get the favour of the masses of customers. At the same time, LanJi also please customers for LanJi product quality and service checks. The needs of customers, is the power for the development of the enterprise. Your valuable Suggestions LanJi is the cornerstone of the growing perfect!!!!!!!!!!

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