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        LanJi engineer explain ShaShiLiao production system of artificial process design

        With China's infrastructure construction of rapid development, the state highway, railway and bridge construction such as investment and mounting infrastructure needed by the concrete cement, water, and sand aggregate and other components, including sand aggregate 70%-80%, but with the natural sand resources reduce gradually, concrete ShaShiLiao with the contradiction between supply and demand of increasingly. With the rapid development of concrete technology, modern concrete to sand the technical requirements of the more and more high, can meet the requirements of the natural sand less and less, artificial system has become China's construction sand with ShaShiLiao main origin. In recent years, although artificial ShaShiLiao processing technology has made some progress, but how to choose the production technology and equipment, ensure that artificial ShaShiLiao processing the operation of the system reliability, technology advanced and economic rationality, is still ShaShiLiao process design of artificial facing an important issue.
        LanJi professional broken equipment manufacturers to analytical for you. LanJi engineers think artificial ShaShiLiao production system design is that the entire process of key processing system, not only with the nature of the material and grain size, product fineness and gradation, but also closely related to the selected equipment performance and system of the scale of production factors. In artificial ShaShiLiao processing system, process; Process usually have two sections of broken and sand, the three sections of broken and the sand, and the middle are supplemented by two, three, even four screening, aggregate washing mud and aggregate working procedure such as plastic. The sand and according to equipment selection is divided into dry sand, wet sand legal system of legal system and legal system and a half dry sand, the whole process flow must be fully consider its rationality, reliability, advancement and economy, and other factors.

        Henan LanJi machinery manufacturing Co., LTD. Is a mineral processing equipment primarily mining enterprise, the collection scientific research, the production, sales, service and integration. The geographical position is superior, is located in known as "the China railway heart" and "transport hub" the name of zhengzhou city, henan province, the transportation is convenient, and extend in all directions. Henan LanJi machinery manufacture Co., LTD, adhering to the "unity, practical, the innovation, and trustworthy" business philosophy, adhere to the "quality to survive, the customer first" principle, into the modern enterprise management mechanism, have a first-class production and processing equipment, professional and perfect testing means, high professional title of the high-quality scientific research personnel, skilled worker team.

        Henan LanJi machinery manufacture Co., LTD with highly dedicated spirit for the customers with high quality, affordable products, advanced, economical and professional service. Henan LanJi machinery manufacturing Co., LTD. With the high quality products to win customer's favor, with exquisite technology has won the customer respect. Mineral processing equipment sales network throughout the country DuoGe 20 provinces, autonomous regions, and exported to southeast Asia, Russia, Africa, central Asia, the Middle East and the americas region.
        Henan LanJi machinery manufacturing Co., LTD. The dressing the main products are: broken equipment, sand equipment, the ball mill, the drying equipment, dressing auxiliary equipment. The following products: broken equipment is: jaw, impactor, to roll crusher, cone crusher, vertical composite crusher, direct impact crusher, etc. Sand equipment is: efficient washing sand machine, vibrating feeder, groove to mine machine, circle vibrating screen and SZF, ZSG type series linear vibrating screen belt conveyor, stone production line, the sand production line. Ball mill equipment is: the ball mill, the coal mill, energy saving ball mill, intermittent ball mill. Drying equipment is: drum dryers, indirect heat transfer the dryer, cooling machine, rotary kiln, etc. Other dressing auxiliary equipment: rod milling machine, the flotation machine, high dam hierachial machine, college enrichment machine, magnetic separators, spiral chute, high frequency sieve, screw conveyor, disc granulator, disc feeder, permanent magnet tailings recycling machine, CWS mixing barrel etc.

        Henan LanJi production processing equipment, mining broken and transportation series products. Widely used in electric power, metallurgy, mine, dock, granaries, chemical industry etc the equipment has rational structure, well made, high output, low energy consumption, easy operation, etc. Advanced production and testing equipment, strong technical strength, mature technology and scientific management, for the product quality is stable and reliable and excellent credit provided protection.

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